Introducing West Coast Colour Yarn!

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We’ve long been fans of Lynne, former owner of a sweet little shop in Langley known as Knitopia. She’s been dyeing fibre for several years, and has recently turned her formidable skills to yarn.

Lynne tells me she and her hubby have moved to a farm in Tappan, BC, and are fulfilling a dream they’ve had for some time; keeping sheep. She is breeding and establishing a herd of CVM’s. She also has a few Shropshire as well, another heritage breed. The thing that attracted her to the CVM’s was that their fleeces only get better with age. Her herd currently numbers just over 30 animals. Plans for the property include having a farm store, and folks are always welcome to drop by.

Her colours are inspired by the region she lives in; driving home from Olds, Alberta, and looking at the colours in the hills around Kamloops has given her some ideas for some pale yellows, browns, and greens, which of course will be pops of gorgeous colour given her predisposition for overdyes and vibrant tones!! I got to name the purple yarn; it is called “Machine Head” after my favourite Deep Purple album. I’m deciding what to knit with it…

Currently, West Coast Colour Yarns are offered in two weights; a 100% DK and a 75% wool/25% nylon sockweight, both superwash. As Lynne is dedicated to using Canadian products, these yarns are both manufactured in Canada and she is working hard to explore other weights of yarn that will stand up to her meticulous quality standards.

Drop by the store and have a look (and feel) of this yarn; you won’t be disappointed!!

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Learn to Spin using a Drop Spindle with Sheleigh

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The practice of spinning fibre into yarn using a drop spindle is at least 10,000 years old. Come and spend a day with Sheleigh and learn this ancient craft. We'll cover:
  • History and types of spindles
  • Twist and Plys
  • Drafting and fibre staple length
  • Putting in twist using the “park and draft” method
  • Andean Plying
  • Finishing the yarn
DATE: Saturday, 21st May
TIME: 10:00am to 2pm; practice until 5pm
COST: $100; children welcome. Register with your child and receive 20% discount from their fee.
SUPPLIES: Included: A beautiful hand made spindle and enough fibre for a couple of projects.
WHAT TO BRING: Please bring a cup for your tea, and your lunch, or lunch money for the Gumboot Cafe, which is just right there.
Sheleigh McColloch is a local fibre artist. She produces beautiful spinning, weaving and felting, and has been doing so for over a dozen years. She is meticulous and knowledgeable about her craft, and a patient and thorough teacher.

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Another Teapot Cozy, just as crazy as the last one.

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This one is another Manos yarn called Dancing Queen. It has little felted flowers on it. 

Linda made this one. It's on the store teapot for the photo, but she custom made it to fit her huge brown betty at home. Here's how she did it;

Make two the same:

cast on 28 stitches onto a 7.5mm needle. Stockinette stitch flat until up to the "shoulder" of your teapot. K4, k2tog across. knit a row. Keep doing those two rows until you've no more stitches to knit off. bind off.

Sew them together leaving appropriate openings for your teapot's spout and handle. Twist some leftover yarn into some fun braided bits for the top and BAM you're done.

Can you tell that Linda is this amazing knitter that hardly ever has a pattern?

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Crazy Teapot Cozy

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I have this yarn. It's a crazy Manos yarn called Florcitas. It has little felted bits, like flowers, tied to it at intervals. It's a super thick, chunky single ply yarn. It's lovely.

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A Short, Mostly True History of Knitting

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There is much story around knitting, for it is an ancient craft. There is evidence that the ancient Egyptians knitted.  The oldest knitted artifact found is a sock, found in a grave.

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I Learn To Knit

Posted on December 15, 2014 by kim fenton | 1 Comment

I learned to knit in CGIT at the age of 12. It was a difficult time in my life. Our family had just moved across the continent to British Columbia and all that was familiar was gone.

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Why didn't anyone tell me about spinning??

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I know, I know, before you even read another word you are saying "I did, I DID tell you that spinning was fun and relaxing!" Okay yes, you did tell me that.

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