Introducing Bergere de France

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Bergere de France Pattern
I am very excited about this company. They are based in Montreal, all the yarns originate in France as do the patterns. They are very well known in Europe and are growing in popularity in North America. The challenge for some stores is that the website and all patterns are in French and the patterns are written for the European market. These challenges however are small for the return, which is an amazingly beautiful yarn collection, interesting and innovative patterns that are at once fashionable and timeless, and a great and supportive company! A selection of patterns each year is completely translated into English. They are then put in books and magazines, as well as leaflets, all of which I will have in the store. They advertise in Vogue Magazine as well as Interweave and let stores know what the ads are well before they are published so that we can have the patterns and yarn in stock, which is so helpful. A garment lending program makes sure that I can share styles with my customers on a regular basis! We’ll be having a Yarn Tasting with Bergere de France yarns this summer. Tickets will be limited to 25 people. More info will follow!

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