Indigo Dye Workshop

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Here are some photos from the Indigo Dyeing workshop we held at the store on Sunday. I have no white shirts in my closet anymore; all are a lovely shade of indigo, from a Chambray Blue to a pale watery blue. So fun! Linda and Kellie are making the stock







Here we are taking fibre out of the bath. Such a tricky thing! NO BUBBLES as the oxygen makes the bath unhappy. Slowly, slowly, put hands in, softly squish the fibre in your hands, gently move to the side of the pot, slide the fibre up, no dripping, no bubbles.... and out!!





















The fun part was watching the colour change - the fibre comes out of the vat a watery green colour and changes to a deep indigo blue right before your very eyes! It isn't magic, it is the oxygen hitting the dye. I'm still trying to decide what to do with my yarn; the colours turned out so different from what I was expecting! Much paler. I'll let you know what I decide!

Indigo vats are temperamental; we had to wrap them up, one in a chair cushion and the other in a batt (which was later dyed) to keep them warm. At one point Janna had us sing the "Little Mermaid" song as we joined hands around the vat!

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