Madrona Fibre-oops-Fiber- Arts - The Night Before

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I forget how quiet Roberts Creek is. Outside the window at this hotel by the water ( I can hear the jets coming and going from SeaTac. The vehicle traffic is slow, steady and dying down. The biggest sound outside this dark window is from the trains. The clangs and rumbles, the whistles (yes they are mournful, no matter what my mood is), the squeal of metal on metal as the cars go down the track, along the inlet. I love the sound of the trains and it is one of the few things I miss about my former life, living near trains. This area used to be filled with a big mill that closed in the 70's burned to the ground soon after. This is a working town; unapologetic, worn smooth around the edges, quietly going about its business. The pub I had dinner in tonight has a countdown clock for St. Patricks' Day; so did its neighbours, I saw, as I walked down the quiet downtown street before coming back to the hotel located in Old Town. I went to the Hotel Murano to check in for the festival; a big city hotel, with lots of shining glass and high heels and young people with wide friendly faces looking for ways to help. ("Checking in tonight, Miss?"). However, the women working the registration desk could have been Doreen or Fiona or any one of the volunteers that helped so many in Gibsons over the years at our Fibre Festival. My envelope contains all I need; a map of the hotel, a list of my classes, a name tag, a pen and a granola bar. Oh and a $5.00 coupon for the market. I'll be using that first thing this morning as I didn't bring the right needles to do my homework on. A whole store full of needles and that will be the first thing I purchase... Oh well. I'll buy some that I don't carry at the store and call it research. I downloaded all the Canada Reads 2012 books that I hadn't already read, and even though I know who won I am intrigued with these books and will start one tonight.  Tomorrow, my classes are "Circular Knitting 5 Ways" with Margaret Radcliffe and in the afternoon I'll be learning "EPS- Elizabeth Zimmermann's Percentage System Updated" with Amy Detjen. I'll let you know tomorrow how that turns out. Keep in Touch with me through twitter @kimfenton, on FaceBook through the store's page, or email at [email protected]

The Night After the First Day

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