Crazy Teapot Cozy

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I have this yarn. It's a crazy Manos yarn called Florcitas. It has little felted bits, like flowers, tied to it at intervals. It's a super thick, chunky single ply yarn. It's lovely.

And it's scratchy.

It's too scratchy, really, to be a cowl. To be a sweater, or a scarf. It's heavy, too. It would be a suffocating blanket.

I sat at the table at the store last week, with a skein of that yarn in front of me. What did it want to be? I wondered. One skein. 175 grams. 59 metres.

Of course it told me it wanted to be a tea pot cozy. It's super warm, really fun, and will make the user smile and be happy. Just like a good cuppa.

So I made this pattern:


Super Crazy Tea Pot Cozy

What you’ll need:

One skein of Florcitas, Dancing Queen, or any other crazy fun super bulky yarn.

9mm circular needles, or 9mm dp’s. If you use circular, even 16”, you’ll need to do magic loop.

2 or so hours.


Cast on 36 stitches. Join in the round and knit four rounds.

Divide for spout and handle opening. Knit stockinette st on 18 stitches for three rows: you’ll need to do one half, cut your yarn and then do the other.

Now join the halves up again: Knit around one half, join to the other half, and then purl back to the opening.

Knit another round, joining the halves. This gives you a slightly larger opening for the handle.

Knit another complete round.

Now begin your decrease rounds. This is a very “ish” thing; just make it as even as you can. I did it this way:

Knit two together, Knit four, and repeat for the round.

Next round knit.

Now, knit two stitches and knit two together, completing the round. You are trying to make the second round of k2tog be between the first round.

Next round knit.

Knit two together round the whole thing.

Knit a row.

Cut your yarn, leaving an end long enough to thread through the last stitches and draw up tight, and tie off.

Take the last bit of your yarn and cut off the remaining felted flowers, leaving tails of various lengths of yarn. Tie the tails to the top of the cozy, hiding the drawstring top and creating a fountain of felted flowers from the top of the cozy, hanging at various lengths.




Before you put it on the teapot, have a bit of fun; get your serious face and hand it to your husband or child and say “Look I’ve made you this lovely hat”. Watch their face and then dissolve into laughter. If they truly are excited about this gift of a hatcrazy!, tell them that the slits are for their ears.


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