Another Teapot Cozy, just as crazy as the last one.

April 10, 2016

Another Teapot Cozy, just as crazy as the last one.

This one is another Manos yarn called Dancing Queen. It has little felted flowers on it. 

Linda made this one. It's on the store teapot for the photo, but she custom made it to fit her huge brown betty at home. Here's how she did it;

Make two the same:

cast on 28 stitches onto a 7.5mm needle. Stockinette stitch flat until up to the "shoulder" of your teapot. K4, k2tog across. knit a row. Keep doing those two rows until you've no more stitches to knit off. bind off.

Sew them together leaving appropriate openings for your teapot's spout and handle. Twist some leftover yarn into some fun braided bits for the top and BAM you're done.

Can you tell that Linda is this amazing knitter that hardly ever has a pattern?

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