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Merino & Corriedale  Wool Rovings and Luxury Blends, Superior Yarns and Accessories

Explore  Aurelia Wool, our collection of luxuriously soft imported wool rovings, wool tops, and more! You'll find Corriedale, Merino, Yearling Mohair Locks, and Luxury Wool Blends to make the softest and most beautiful projects. We carry more than 100 colours and colour blends of natural, dyed, and glitter wool roving that is ready to spin or felt. We are especially proud of our locally produced
A carefully curated selection of beautiful yarns is available now for your next project. From Sugar Bush to Sweet Georgia, we've got what you want. 

"We used several different fibres in our spindling class - I found that your Corriedale roving was very easy for a beginner to work with, so I'm quite eager to get more!" — Sandra in Vancouver

"My hands are itching to spin some of your wonderful fiber." — Becky in Texas

"I just got my order of wool and I have to say I am just thrilled with it. I am so happy with the great service I received from you and I absolutely love your products. The colours are just divine." — Melanie in BC

"I have been knitting for a very a long time and have never found a store I like so much nor one so accommodating. " — Bernice S.

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"I love your store. I love looking at the wool with all the pretty colours. Two thumbs up for Unwind!" — Chelsea S.

"I don't know a thing about knitting but a friend offered to knit me a sweater and so I went to Unwind to buy the yarn. I found the exact shade of bamboo yarn I needed. Thanks Unwind!" — Erin W.

"I give Unwind Knit & Fibre Lounge 5 gold stars. What more could a girl want...?" — Tammie S.